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BW Container Systems Travels to the Edge of the World...and We’re Taking You With Us!!!!

by Donna Wolfe | Jan 09, 2017

When you work with BW Container Systems, you can bet they’ll go to the “ends of the earth” to solve your packaging challenges. Literally.  Click the video to watch as BW Container Systems’ Scott Smith takes you on a journey to see innovative robotic solutions in one of the most beautiful, remote and treacherous parts of the world.  

BW Container Systems recently made the 30-hour long journey over snow-capped mountain tops, green foothills and bright blue waters, to visit Trident, one of the largest seafood companies in the U.S.  The company’s main processing operation is located in Alaska’s remote Aleutian Islands, and if you’ve watched television shows like the Deadliest Catch, you know that the fishing grounds around the Aleutian Islands really are the end of the earth.   We decided to document the journey itself, as well as the innovative robotic technology that enables Trident to palletize 21 SKUs at a time and ensures that Trident team members have to spend as little time in the freezer as possible. This solution was accomplished with BW Container Systems’ technology consisting of three very innovative robotic palletizer systems utilizing a unique rotary design.

We were there to visit Trident’s Akutan shore plant which is located 750 miles SW of Anchorage in Alaska’s Aleutian Chain. Though, as Trident’s website says, the Akutan plant is remote and entirely self-reliant, its proximity to the Bering Sea fishing grounds has helped it become the largest seafood production facility in North America. With more than 1,400 company-housed employees during peak seasons, Akutan sustains a year-round, multi-species frozen seafood operation capable of processing more than 3 million pounds of raw fish per day. Wild Alaska Pollock—the Bering Sea’s most abundant whitefish— is the primary focus of the Akutan operation, and the plant also processes significant volumes of Pacific cod, Alaska king & snow crab, halibut and other important species.

Trident purchased three robotic rotary palletizing systems from BW Container Systems. Instead of hand- palletizing boxes of frozen fish, these robotic palletizers enable Trident to use that labor elsewhere in their plant. Most importantly, though, it limits their team members’ exposure to frozen temperatures.

“At Trident Seafoods, safety and providing a work-safe environment is the number one priority,” said Travis Heine, Trident’s Akutan plant manager. Heine said Trident chose BW Container Systems because of their reputation for service.

“This is the thing with BW Container Systems, as well as companies associated with all of the BW Packaging Solutions companies, we have the capability to install and service our client’s machines anywhere in the world,” Scott Smith, Director of Global Business Development said. “And through our combined capabilities, we can offer a variety of solutions for your company, from machines to integrated systems. Frozen foods is just one of any number of industries in which we have decades of experience, and in which we provide world-class machinery, outstanding service and innovative, integrated solutions.”

Watch the video below to see our visit to the edge of world, tour the Aleutian Islands and Trident Seafoods, and learn more about BW Container Systems.