Barry-Wehmiller Network


BW Container Systems is a global packaging machinery firm serving the food, beer and beverage, wine and spirits, personal care, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and household products industries. Its complete range of integrated product solutions include, but are not limited to automated can end and product handling systems, advanced conveyance technology, robotic technology, palletizers, depalletizers, changeparts, as-is equipment and process technology. The combined experiences of the Ambec, CBI, Fleetwood and Goldco-Wyard teams has created a dynamic group committed to meeting market needs.

Fleetwood, Inc.

Fleetwood, Inc. began as Fleetwood Systems, Inc. in 1956 and ultimately merged with Jetstream Systems in 1999 and I&H Engineered Systems in 2001.  The combination of experience in end handling, container handling, coolers, pasteurizers and warmers produced a broad range of packaging automation products for the Container Manufacturing, Food, Beer/Beverage, Spirits, Household and Personal Care Industries.  Presently, with the exception of container handling equipment, our Romeoville, Illinois facility manufacturers most of the aforementioned equipment.

Goldco International, Inc.

In 2005 Fleetwood, Inc. acquired Goldco International, Inc. of Loveland, Colorado and CVC Systems of Union City, California.  The Loveland division of FleetwoodGoldcoWyard serves the Container Manufacturing. Food Packaging, Beer/Beverage and Spirits Industries.  Palletizers, depalletizers, robotic technologies, pallet conveying, pallet stackers/unstackers, stretch wrapper, unwrappers, debanders and case/carton accumulation equipment is manufactured at our Loveland, Colorado facility.


In 2005 Fleetwood, Inc. acquired the assets of Wyard Industries of Forest Lake, Minnesota. Our Wyard division designs case and pallet handling technology for the Food and Packaging and Beverage Industry. The Wyard product line is manufactured at our Loveland, Colorado facility.


In 2005 FleetwoodGoldcoWyard acquired the assets of AMBEC, Inc. of Lynchburg, Virginia and Owings Mills, Maryland (currently Hunt Valley, Maryland). Our AMBEC division serves the Food, Beverage, Container Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Goods markets. Sales and engineering are performed from both the Virginia and Maryland facilities while our conveyance systems and system controls are manufactured at our Lynchburg, Virginia facility.

Central Bottling International (CBI)

In 2007 Central Bottling International became integrated within FleetwoodGoldcoWyard. CBI, located in Doncaster, England has more than 25 years of experience specializing in providing new and refurbished industrial packaging equipment and services to the food, beverage and brewing industries worldwide.

Barry-Wehmiller Company

In 2009 the original Barry-Wehmiller Company of St. Louis, Missouri was integrated with FleetwoodGoldcoWyard. Barry-Wehmiller Company has over 100 years of experience in bottle washers and pasteurizers serving the beer/beverage industries. The Barry-Wehmiller product line is primarily manufactured in our Romeoville, Illinois facility.

CBI Fleetwood

In 2010 FleetwoodGoldcoWyard, Inc. announced the merger of its two key business locations in the United Kingdom - Fleetwood St. Albans which specialized in end handling equipment and Central Bottling Inc. The newly merged company, CBI Fleetwood, is located at the existing CBI facility near Doncaster in South Yorkshire, England.


BW Container Systems has over 500 employees with its manufacturing area spanning over 435,000 square feet. We are here to serve your needs from design concept through installation and training, continuing throughout the life of your equipment.