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Jennifer Abella

AbellaJennifer joined Barry-Wehmiller because she was inspired by the company’s culture and approach to growth by strategic acquisitions.  Today, she serves as Vice President, People for BW Container Systems, where she leads BW Container Systems continuous efforts to build an organization that measures success by the way it touches the lives of others.  “When I joined the company, I felt that I could contribute to building the kind of organization where everyone would feel welcomed and appreciated.   I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work for a company that measures heartcount instead of headcount and purposefully balances the financial needs of the organization with the fulfillment of its team members.” 

Jenn joined Barry-Wehmiller in 2004, as an Organizational Development Specialist on the Organizational Empowerment Team.   As one of three team members at the time, Jenn organized and participated in multiple cross-divisional conferences, GPL conferences, and she was also tasked with providing customer service training to divisional Customer Service teams as part of Barry-Wehmiller’s continuous learning program.  Today, Jenn is one of over 50 Culture and People Development team members in the BW organization, signifying the company’s unyielding commitment to maintaining its culture and empowering its 9,000 team members world-wide. 

Jenn has B.A.s in Psychology and Anthropology from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis.   Prior to joining Barry-Wehmiller, she spent several years running for-profit supplemental educational centers where she gained invaluable leadership skills.   A resident of Oak Park, IL, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Joe, her daughter, Emily, and their dog, Augie.    Like most Chicagoans, she loves hockey, but she has a softer side as evidenced by her other hobby, baking.

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