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Landen Stoker


With over 15 years of Global experience in electrical engineering, project management and field service, Landen Stoker’s hands-on experience as a leader for both equipment OEMs and Consumer Packaged Goods companies enables him to truly bring solutions to our clients.  As Vice President of Aftermarket, Landen is charged with building and maintaining customer Trust, through the entire life cycle of BWCS-manufactured equipment.   With responsibility for Global Field Service, Parts and Upgrades, Landen’s unique background and leadership philosophy enables BW Container Systems to offer a market-leading Aftermarket support. Landen’s team consists of over 80 team members, supporting over 100 countries around the world including 17 Service engineers based outside the domestic United States in countries such as Mexico, UK and Thailand.

”The Aftermarket team is focused on developing and maintaining long term relationships that last much longer than the typical sales and equipment life cycle. One of the things that I enjoy about this role is helping develop healthy and long lasting customer relationships, even in challenging situations. Our team focuses on solving customer challenges while leaving our client in a better position than when we arrive, not on simply fixing machines,” says Landen.

Landen’s career in the packaging industry began with Cadbury Schweppe’s where he served as a Plant Engineer and handled projects for America’s Beverage, Cadbury’s specialty beverage group (Snapple, Mott’s, etc.). A Controls Engineer since 1997, Landen joined AMBEC in 2003 as a Senior Electrical Engineer. Today, the Ambec brand is owned by BW Container Systems, but it remains one of world’s most respected suppliers of Conveyance and Controls. In 2007, Landen was named Director of Global Field Service for BW Container Systems. 

“Having worked for an OEM and a packaged goods manufacturing company allows you have an empathetic perspective. I have been on both sides of the fence, having handled capital projects and ensuring that packaging lines run at their targeted efficiency.  I have a very clear understanding of the challenges from both sides, and I like to think it makes me stronger at what I do. Barry-Wehmiller values that dual perspective.”

A native of Southern Louisiana, Landen earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. Landen has resided in Lynchburg, VA for 10 years.

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