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Mike Jerger

JergerThe achievement of shared operational capacity across four Global manufacturing sites and a relentless pursuit of operational excellence are Mike Jerger’s trademarks.  As Vice President of Operations for BW Container Systems, Mike leads all Manufacturing & Engineering teams across the United States.  Mike began his journey in operations over thirty years ago, working for various machinery builders and electrical contractors where he developed an in-depth understanding of engineering and manufacturing processes. In 1986, he joined Fleetwood Systems, which at the time was one of the industry's leading manufacturers of Can End Handling equipment and systems solutions.  The company would be acquired by Barry-Wehmiller in 1999.  In his 15 year career with Fleetwood, Mike held numerous technical and leadership roles and eventually became Fleetwood’s Plant Manager where he led the company’s strategic combination of three local buildings into a state of the art, multi-purpose manufacturing facility in 1995.

 In 2007, after Barry-Wehmiller acquired three new businesses and became known as FleetwoodGoldcoWyard, Mike became Vice President of Operations and was charged with leading the company’s pursuit of operational excellence across all US locations, as well as with  providing support to the company’s UK Operations.  Mike also helped champion BW Container Systems’ significant investment in robotic solutions which has resulted in one of the largest robotic practices in the North American packaging industry. “The exciting part of my role is that it allows me to share and promote my passion for continuous improvement, provide each business unit with a closer connectivity and to share best practices across each of our four manufacturing facilities.”

Mike is a lifelong resident of the Chicago area where he and his wife Angela have raised their five children. He is a music and movie buff and an avid Chicago Cubs fan. He is a member of the local Knights of Columbus, as well as the National Eagle Scout Association.

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